Restore 14000m² Floor in an Industrial Unit in St Albans

» Market Sector: Warehouse
» Location: St Albans, United Kingdom
» Job: To restore floor dilapidation in a 14000m² industrial warehouse unit.

We completed a big project at Azzotech where we restored the floor of a huge industrial unit in St Albans.

The floor was a whopping 14,000 square meters, making it the largest job we’ve ever tackled.

First we prepared the surface of the floor using a dust controlled planteary diamond grinder, to get it ready for the restoration process.

Then our team applied Flowcrete SF41, a high-quality epoxy resin floor coating that makes the floor look great and adds extra durability.

To make sure the restored floors would last for a long time, we recut and refilled the expansion joints, to help reduce the risk of any future damage.

We’re really proud of this project and the work we did to restore the floor in the industrial unit. It was a big job, but we used our expertise and quality materials to make sure the floor is not only durable but also visually appealing.

All work was completed by Azzotech Ltd. specialist resin flooring contractors.

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