Install anti slip flooring in Modern Church, Woodbridge

» Market Sector: Modern Church
» Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk
» Job: To install seamless resin floor in bathroom areas.

Azzotech recently installed resin flooring in the bathroom areas of a modern church in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

To begin the process, the floors were carefully prepared. Then, Altro Epoxy Resin and Altro Acrylic Mosaic epoxy resin were applied to the floors, along with decorative acrylic flakes. Additionally, floor coving was installed to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating along the edges and corners of the floor.

This particular type of resin coat epoxy flake flooring system offers several benefits. It provides a durable and sturdy surface that can withstand heavy use. The seamless nature of the floor makes it easy to clean, while the decorative flakes add an attractive touch. Moreover, this flooring system promotes a hygienic environment, ensuring a clean and sanitary bathroom area for the church.

Work completed by Azzotech Ltd. specialist resin flooring contractors.

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