Specialist Resin Flooring Contractor
Azzotech Ltd

We are specialist resin flooring contractors for the installation of epoxy resin flooring and coatings for commercial floors and industrial flooring. Working on jobs of all sizes, large and small.

We use the latest dust controlled diamond grinding floor preparation equipment to ensure applications can be achieved totally dust-free. All our staff are highly skilled in delivering high-quality flooring installations from preparation to application.

Our quick, efficient service minimises disruption and downtime. We are always focused on quality customer service and aftercare. Working locally in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London & UK wide.

Why choose Epoxy Resin Flooring?

1. HEAVY-DUTY & Hard Wearing

2. INCREASED RESISTANCE to Scratches & Wear

3. DEMARCATION OF AREAS for Walkways, Parking

4. SLIP RESISTANT OPTIONS to Eliminate Risk Of Falls

5. IMPROVED APPEARANCE with Seamless Floors

6. DUST FREE Working Environment

7. ANTI-CORROSION Resin Options

8. ANTIMICROBIAL Resin Options

9. EASY CLEAN – Hygienic

10. COLOUR CHOICE & Texture Option


We offer a wide range of flooring services at Azzotech, suitable for industrial, commercial, food and beverage, garages, car parks and domestic applications.

Industrial Flooring

Hard-wearing epoxy and polyurethane floor coverings for industrial flooring.

Antimicrobial resin floors

Antimicrobial anti-bacterial resin floors for a high standard of hygiene. Resin coving installation.

Anti-Corrosion & Bunds

Resin-based lining systems resistant to most corrosive substances in the chemical industry.

Garages & Car Parks

Durable and hard-wearing surfaces. Choice of resin colours, slip-resistant and line marking.

Commercial Flooring

Hard-wearing slip-resistant resin floor coatings for the commercial sector.

Resin Bound Stone Flooring

Ornate, hard-wearing resin-bound stone for driveways or interior showrooms.

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Wayne Thomson hand trowelling resin floor

quotes   I started the business after the two directors of the resin flooring company I worked for retired. I saw an opportunity to  utilise the skilled workers from that company and start my own business.

I had my ideas for the business. To combine modern technology with staff uniforms to show a professional approach, and always focus on looking after clients properly & great customer service.
Wayne Thomson, Director at Azzotech Ltd.  <<more