We offer a wide range of resin flooring services at Azzotech, suitable for industrial, commercial, food & beverage, automotive, garages & car parks, data centres, domestic and more applications.

Industrial Flooring

Epoxy resin and polyurethane floor coverings for hard-wearing industrial flooring.

Antimicrobial resin floors

Antimicrobial anti-bacterial resin floors for a high standard of hygiene. Epoxy coving.

Anti-Corrosion & Bunds

Resin-based lining systems resistant to most corrosive substances in the chemical industry.

Garages & Car Parks

Durable, hard-wearing surfaces for Garages & Car Parks. Colour choice, slip-resistant, line marking.

Commercial Resin Flooring

Slip-resistant & hard-wearing resin floor coatings for the commercial sector.

Resin-Bound Stone Flooring

Ornate, hard-wearing resin-bound stone for driveways or interior showrooms.