Automotive Car Storage Warehouse in Colney London

» Market Sector: Automotive
» Location: London, United Kingdom
» Year: 2019
» Job: To repair and level the subpar screed floor of a warehouse unit that had been installed by the builder.

Azzotech was commissioned to repair and restore floor in warehouse unit that had been installed by the builder. To make the floor smooth, hard-wearing and dust-proof, pump screed was applied. Following this, Azzotech applied a Flowcrete self-smoothing resin floor in Goosewing grey, providing a durable, high-gloss, seamless, and low-maintenance surface.

This anti-corrosive flooring is designed to resist a range of substances, including acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, and fuels. The result is a strong and resilient floor that can withstand heavy use and provide an attractive finish for years to come.

Work by Azzotech Ltd. specialist resin flooring contractors.

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