Safety Walkways Painted in Workshop in Cambridgeshire

» Market Sector: Warehouse
» Location: Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
» Job: To install painted safety walkways in a workshop.

Azzotech recently completed safety walkways painted at a workshop in Cambridgeshire. The walkways were coated with Flowcrete SF41 coatings resin paint, a cost-effective, hard-wearing and high performance, epoxy resin floor coating system. This specialized paint not only provided a durable and slip-resistant surface for the workers to safely move around the workshop, but also added to the aesthetic appeal of the area. Azzotech’s commitment to using high-quality materials ensured that the safety walkways would stand the test of time, providing a safer working environment for years to come.

Work completed by Azzotech Ltd. specialist resin flooring contractors.

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