Brewery Production Area in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

» Market Sector: Food and Beverage
» Location: Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom
» Job: To cove the joint between wall and floor and apply Antimicrobial Resin floor coating to the Brewery Production Area

Azzotech, a leading provider of industrial flooring solutions, was contracted to cover the joint between the wall and floor and apply an antimicrobial resin floor coating to the Brewery Production Area.

During the installation work, the central drain was protected to prevent any damage or contamination. To provide a smooth, easy-to-clean, and hygienic transition from the floor to the wall, resin-coved skirting was applied. A polyurethane antimicrobial coating was then installed on the floor and coving, ensuring maximum protection against bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. With Azzotech’s expert services, the Brewery Production Area can maintain a clean and safe environment, free from any potential health hazards.

Work by Azzotech Ltd. specialist resin flooring contractors.

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